A free range chicken at Northumbria Free Range Poultry

Free Range Poultry

All our poultry are reared in a natural, extensive free range manner where they are free to roam and explore their natural surroundings. We think this is the way poultry should be reared and from the feedback from our customers, we know they feel the same way!

Of course the truth is that birds raised in this natural way, take longer to finish than those kept in intensive indoor production houses - and are therefore more expensive. However, our free range organic birds are incomparable with their intensively reared brothers. The time spent naturally foraging on grasses and herbs whilst growing slowly under natural sunlight, makes for a truly special table bird.

Our attention to detail and commitment to the birds welfare extends right up to slaughter. Once the birds have matured and are ready for slaughter they are hand caught at dusk, when the birds are calm and settled which reduces any form of stress to the birds to an absolute minimum. We take the birds personally on the short journey to our own organic approved abattoir.

We rear traditional breeds of chickens, ducks and guinea fowl all in natural environments suited to the species. We believe in the natural, simple approach, working with nature to produce a premium product. Ducks have fresh water mobile pounds available for bathing and preening. Guinea fowl have ample perches provided so to carry out their natural behaviour. At night birds come into spacious houses to roost and are let out in the mornings.

The principle is that all the birds in the system are provided with a natural environment as possible. This helps them free from disease, free from stress meaning no medication is necessary.

When was the last time you really looked forward to a roast chicken dinner as a treat? Those days are back with Northumberland Free Range Poultry - You will taste the difference - Guaranteed!

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