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About Northumbria Free Range Poultry

The farm is predominantly a sheep and beef enterprise which are reared on a pasture based system. Only a small amount of grain is grown to be sold.

We are committed to produce a type of poultry that is of top quality, free range, organic and local. This quality poultry was difficult to source in the local area. Poultry fitted into the fertility building rotation practiced on the farm as well as creating employment opportunities within the local area.

From their arrival to our farms as organic day old chicks, all our birds are treated with care and respect to provide them with as natural and stress-free a life as is possible. We are dedicated to our stock at every part of the process and passionate about delivering the very best product to our customers.

The Farm

Thistleyhaugh is a 4th generation family run farm set in rural Northumberland on the banks of the River Coquet. The farm is predominately livestock with a small amount of cereals grown for fodder. Recently an outdoor free range pig finishing unit has been added. The farm has been organic since 2005.

The People

The Nelless family

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  1. Turkey Collection

    your turkey will be ready for collection from the 22nd of December from Thistleyhaugh Farm .
    We have a collection point on the farm ,

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