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Welcome to the website of Northumberland Free Range Poultry - A business with just one focus, to provide the very highest quality poultry reared in an extensive, ethical, free range manner with a total commitment to quality.

Situated on a traditional Northumberland family farm, Northumberland Free Range Poultry provides organic free-range chickens, ducks and guinea fowl to a wide range of local outlets. You can find out more about the farm involved here.

We rear our poultry in a natural, extensive environment which provides our birds with a high standard of life from the day they arrive until the day they leave the farm. You can read more here.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site. Please remember to leave your name on our mailing list to be kept up-to-date with events and news of what's going on at Northumberland Free Range Poultry.

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    Free Range Bronze and Free Range Organic Bronze Turkey's available now. Also Free Range Organic Chickens, Free Range Ducks and Free Range Gu

  2. Tynemouth Farmers Market

    We will be making our debut at Tynemouth Farmers Market on the 20th of April. Hope to meet some new customers. We have Chicken, Duck and Gui

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